When I had a chance to take graphic design courses a while back – I was hooked. From Illustrator, to Photoshop, to InDesign – we covered them all! I have to admit that InDesign is my favourite! The skills I learned, I use to this day to design reports and promotional materials, work on branding, and to customize websites.

Recently, I was working on a longer document and was contemplating how to bring in the long content into InDesign when I received and email with a Tip of the week from the InDesign Magazine. Titled ‘Printing a Booklet Made Easy’ it had a step-by-step video from lynda.com that covered exactly what I was looking for.

InDesign Magazine is a fantastic source of information, tools, tips and resources for graphic designers. In my case, since I don’t use Creative Suite on a daily basis, it is a great tool to remind me how to do something or give me tips on things I am not sure of. It also helps me to learn about and  explore new features and updates to the programs I use.

Check out the InDesign Magazine at http://www.indesignmag.com.

The video tutorials can be accessed at lynda.com.